Himalayan Pink Salt – Its Uses and Health Benefits

The Himalayas, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, is known for its perfect and pristine ecosystem. These beautiful mountains are the origin of the Himalayan sea salt, which is known for its healing and restorative powers since ancient times.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

Himalayan Pink salt

When you start using pink salt on a regular basis, you will realize the positive changes it brings to your health. Here are the top few uses and health benefits of pink salt.

Use #1: Detox drink

Mix one litre of warm water with two teaspoons of Himalayan Pink salt and stir it well before drinking.

Benefit #1:

Drinking a mixture of Pink salt and water, helps in pushing out the toxic wastes from the body. Thus, your body will release harmful toxins. Furthermore, this detox drink will help in regulating digestion and bowel movements.

Use #2: Improves sleep

Mix five teaspoons of raw honey with one teaspoon of Pink salt and store this mixture. Place one teaspoon of this mixture under your tongue to dissolve before going to bed every night.



Benefit #2:

The mixture of honey and Pink salt helps in improving the condition of your body and mind, enabling you to sleep well. Pink salt also helps in replenishing and restoring your energy levels during your sleep.

Use #3: Steam Inhalation

You can dissolve the Himalayan Pink salt in boiling water and inhale the steam just like in a normal steam inhaling procedure.

Benefit #3:

When you dissolve the Himalayan Pink salt in hot water and inhale the steam, it will help in clearing up sinus issues and improving any respiratory condition that you may have, including asthma.

Use #4: Pink Salt Sole

A Sole (pronounced as Solay), is nothing but a saturated salt solution. You can dissolve Himalayan Pink Salt with water in 1:4 ratio and keep adding solute to this until the solution is saturated. This is to be prepared in a glass jar and not in any metal utensil. Using a metal lid/jar might result in oxidation of the metal, which will contaminate your Sole.



Benefit #4:

The result of drinking some Sole in warm water every morning, on your body weight will be miraculous. It will also help in improving the hydration in your body by providing trace minerals.

Use #5: As common salt

You can use Pink salt instead of the common table salt in any dish.



Benefit #5:

While intake of common salt is considered to increase blood pressure, the Himalayan Pink salt has potassium, which helps the human body in lowering blood pressure levels. Thus, replacing your regular table salt with the Himalayan Pink version will slowly and gradually decrease your blood pressure.

Apart from these, the Himalayan Pink salt also helps in improving blood circulation, promotes the functioning of one’s arteries, boosts energy, relaxes the body, provides necessary mineral compounds to the body, etc. Therefore, this salt is beneficial for people of all ages. By using Pink salt instead of common salt, you can make a positive change that to improve your health.

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