A Healthy Twist to your Routine Diet

Whenever someone says that they’re on a diet, we react in two ways- we laugh about it saying that diets are pointless or get curious about their regime and try it ourselves. The thing about Indian food is that there is so much to it. The mouth-watering flavors, extravagant colours and unique names will make any food lover lose control over their weight management.

Healthy food shouldn’t be defined by tasteless combinations of boiled vegetables and baked rice. You can transform healthy food to look and taste great. All it take is the love for food and the desire to cook up something unique. Here’s our list of classic Indian health foods that can tickle your taste buds.


Regarded as one of the healthiest staples, pulses are loaded with Vitamins A, B, C and E. Moong is the best-known diet pulse as it helps maintain your slimming diet. Pulses also help in controlling the blood sugar levels in your body, enhance the flow of digestive enzymes and maintain cholesterol levels. Due to its many raw varieties, pulses can be cooked in numerous ways.


Our favourite dal dish: Yellow Dal – The classic dish is made with lentils and mustard. You can add further zing to the flavour with a sprinkle of parsley & chilli flakes.



The staple food of North India, wheat is one of the most versatile foods. Popular main dishes that sprout out from well-cooked wheat include pooris, chapattis, bread and parathas. Considered as one of the best sources of carbohydrates, wheat is your go-to dish for a quick energy booster. You can never go wrong with a soft dough of wheat and a rolling pin!


Our favourite wheat dish: Dalia This classic healthy dish is made with broken wheat. Add cumin until it sizzles and fry ginger until it turns fragrant. To give this dish a twist, add oregano to it.



Regarded as one of the staple foods in many parts of the world, maize is eaten both raw and cooked. Talking about its nutritional value, it is full of protein and carbohydrates. It is a good source of Vitamin B, thiamine and folate. It helps in digestion as well as gives you glowing skin. Some of the popular dishes that involve this massively consumed staple are tortillas, corn fritters,corn pakodas etc.


Our favourite corn dish: Roasted Corn, Black Bean & Mango Salad– This simple, fresh-tasting salad adds delicious variety to grilled foods, such as salmon, halibut, chicken or pork. Browning the corn in a skillet gives it a nutty, caramelized flavor that contrasts with the sweetness of the mango. Sprinkle a healthy amount of On1y salad seasoning to give it a twist.



Ragi or Finger millet is especially valuable as it contains the amino acid methionine. It has Vitamin A & Protein in abundance. Therefore, it is no wonder that Ragi is known for being a nutritional staple. Aside from that, ragi is used in making cakes, puddings, puttu, koozh and porridge.


Our Favourite Ragi dish: Idiyappam – It is an all-time favorite recipe at home. Serve it with sweet coconut milk and stew and it makes for a fantastic breakfast or dinner. Sprinkle it with On1y salt to maintain the sweet and salty combination.



The staple food of South India, rice is another extremely versatile food that can be blended to form a huge menu of healthy eats. Cultivated in various forms and types, rice can make for a full, healthy and delicious meal. Brown rice is rich in fibre, which can help add balance to your diet.


Our favourite rice dish: Dosa- Probably one of the easiest food items to make, dosa, like its wheat counterpart chapatti, goes perfectly with any side dish you can think of. You can even stuff it or cook it in different sizes and shapes. The uttapam variant is a tasty delight when sprinkled with a healthy dose of oregano.



Now that you have a good idea about deliciously healthy foods, you can try out amazing recipes combining them all. Don’t forget to add a layer of spices, which have unique health benefits too. Get some of the best spice tin packages from On1y to make your dishes all that more delightful.

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