5 Movies To Watch If You Are A Foodie

Are you a true food fanatic? Does your day starts and ends with food? Are you a person who follows the mantra, “Live to eat?” If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are going to love these 5 movies. Get your popcorn popping and grab some cheese fries; curl up on your couch and get set to have a whole new delicious experience in the comfort of your home by binge watching these epic movies. Nothing would be more relaxing than watching the most entertaining movies of your favourite genre after a hectic and tiresome day. Eating is definitely an amazing experience but nothing beats watching, reading and talking about eating!
Here is a list of some of the most exciting movies, which will take you through exquisite cuisines and will make your taste buds water.

Big Night

If you drool over lasagne and if pizza is the love of your life, then this is the one you should go for. The story of two chef brothers who explore the Italian cuisine and provide you a relishing experience while making you crave for some exotic Italian food by the end of the movie.



This movie is a delectable blend of ingredients and makes you hungry for more. The title by itself is foodie as it refers to a French dish. This anthropomorphic rat who is interested in cooking gives you visuals of delicious foods from all around the world. While the story actually revolves around cooking, the struggle of the cute rat to be accepted as a chef and his quirky gestures all through the movie makes it a lovely watch.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The name says it all. Who doesn’t love chocolates? This movie is a visual treat for all chocolate lovers. A movie with amazing visuals of tempting chocolate castles and a blend of diverse varieties ranging from white to dark chocolate will make you go grab a chocolate bar by the halftime.


Today’s Special

Moving from upscale New York restaurant to his family’s Indian restaurant, Tandoori Palace, Samir takes you through the experience of Tandoori Indian Cuisine, which is a mixture of  spices and will have you salivating throughout the movie.


Haute Cuisine

Following the personal cook to the President of France, Haute Cuisine offers viewers a delectable feast for the eyes through high class French cuisine. From the famous French baguette to the exotic desserts, the chef gives us a glance of all the amazing French delicacies.

These movies will not only make you familiar with the world-class cuisine, but will also make you want more food at the end of it. Go ahead and watch them.

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